Young Adult Connection

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St. Mary and St. Martin de Porres is dedicated to the CONNECTION and forming of a thriving community among the young adults of our parishes and connecting with the Young Adult Ministry at The Diocese of Beaumont.

This new group is open to all young adults from 18 to 25yrs old.

Our vision for the group includes:

Social- Forming strong bonds of friendship and community.

Spiritual- Growing as a faithful Catholic through prayer, the Word, the Sacraments and the Church.

Service- Giving of ourselves in the needs of others in participation in the parish, and service projects.


If you are single or married, currently active in our parishes or not, we invite you to join us!

We welcome your energy, creativity, or just willingness to take part in the beginning of this new group!


By joining the Young Adult Group Me, you are saying YES, I'm interested in knowing more about this group and possibly being involved in future gatherings.